Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 70, 8-27

--> 501 Shelter, 29.8 miles

Thirty miles is a long way to walk, especially on the PA rocks. I did it though, and had some wonderful fries and pizza for dinner. I left at 6:45 this morning and got to Port Clinton around 8:30. If I had planned a bit better I could have hitched up to the Yuengling Brewery and gotter a tour. Next time... It was a steep climb out of the Gap, but after that it was relatively flat for the next 24 miles. I stopped by the Eagles Nest Shelter for lunch and a water refill. It got warmer at this point, bit still not bad hiking weather. I got to a campsite 5.5 miles from the shelter at 4:15  and decided to get here by 6:15. I beat it by 7 minutes. The last three miles were probably the fastest of the day. I'm not sure where all the eneryg came from, but it was probably the promise of pizza.

Transition and Nightwalker are here, and some guy I've never seen before. A quiet night. There are 2 cats and a kitten wandering around the shelter and outside. They are very cute, and I think all shelters should have cats. I call my grandparents to finalize plans for Friday since there was a better signal here, and called home while I had the phone out. I think my headlamp is about to die, it keeps flashing brighter. I can't remember the last time I changed the batteries, so tomorrow, when its light. Tomorrow is a nice, short, 17.5 miler. But first, sleep.

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