Tuesday, August 7, 2018

W6/NS-306 Lowell Hill Ridge

This peak is an easy drive up. From CA 20 Turn onto Last Chance Mine Road, FS 20-16, and head up the hill. The dirt road is rough, but my little car was able to make it. There were a few sandy sections that had me worried, but I was able to get through them.
The walking part.
Just outside the activation zone the road veers left, and a rougher road continues straight. I had had enough driving, so I parked and proceeded on foot. If you had high clearance you could drive to the top. The summit area is very flat, and I tagged the summit then returned to nearer the car where I had seen some good places to set up. In a large pullout next to the road I strung up my EFHW.
On the air.
There is no view, so I enjoyed the solitude of the woods as I operated. HF got many of the usual chasers. I called on VHF but didn't get any response. It had been a long day, and I was getting tired, so I packed up and headed back to the car for the long drive home.

Trailhead: Last Chance Mine Road.
Website: SOTA Site.
Maps: AA6XA SOTA Hikes map.
Route: Drive into the AZ. Set up.
Red Tape: None.
Off trail, somewhere near the summit.

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