Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 10, 6-28

--> ME 15 (south end of 100-mile wilderness)  10.x miles

I'm warm and dry at Shaw's right now. It was a very wet hike over however. I woke up to rain hitting the roof of the shelter, and it rained pretty much all day. After a few miles and the first ford I just gave up trying to stay dry. The trail turned into a stream/giant puddle, and I would still be out there if I had tried to stay dry. I passed someone heading north who looked a lot like Mike Lero. When I got to the road I decided I was too wed and cold to stand and wait for a hitch, so I started walking. I stuck my thumb out a few times, but the cars kept zooming past. One masshole gave me a thumbs up back. After about a mile, and after I stopped trying to hitch, a pickup pulled over, and the driver offered me a ride. He dropped me at Shaw's, and I took the greatest shower ever. I'm warm and dry, and my clothes are in the washer. I have on my rain pants and a loaner shirt.

I'm hoping this rain will let up after tomorrow, or at least changes to (infrequent) scattered showers. We'll see. I'm going to zero here tomorrow to let my legs and knees rest. Sam gave me his email and asked me to let him know when I finish. I can't decide whether it's too early to call home. Quarter past two on a Friday, I have no idea what's going on there.

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