Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 30, 7-18

--> Zealand Hut, 14.3 miles

I got a bit damp in the thunderstorm last night. The rain was fine, but the wind blew some rain onty my head. I need to find a better storm pitch for the tarp. Other than that, it was a nice night. I wake up early and left at 6:15. My original plan was to tray and get to Galehead, but halfway down the Webster Cliff Trail I realized that that would be too far, and Zealand would be a better destination.

I got to Ethan Pond Shelter and took a long lunch. There was an AMC magazine which I read through to kill some time. When I got bored there I walked as slowly as I could to Thoreau Falls which are just off the trail. I spent a long time there, and read a bit of my book. When it got to hot and loud I went to the junction with the Zeacliff Trail. At 3:45 I left and went to the hut. I got a WFS. Thank goodness. I helped set the table and clean out the freezer. I ate so much food, it was great.

The bad part about the WFS is waiting for normal people bedtime. 8:30 is a good time to go to sleep for me. Breakfast will be good tomorrow. My plan is to get a WFS at Greenleaf tomorrow. I've been hiking at the same rate as a section hiker Mark. He's worried that he won't be able to get there for dinner, but I think he'll make it without any problem.

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