Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 24, 7-12

--> Gentian Pond Shelter,  14.7 miles

I was the first one out, leaving as the sun was just coming over Old Speck. It was a cold night and cool morning, but I warmed up quickly. The descent down the Mahoosuc Arm was long but not as hard as the NOBOs made it sound. The notch was interesting. I was expecting caves, like those on Morgan and Percival, but it was mostly just big rocks. I had to take my pack off three or four times and pull it through after me. There was also a lot of snow and ice down there. As I started to climb up, my glasses fogged because the air above the notch was so much warmer.

From the Full Goose Shelter to the Carlo Col Shelter was above the trees for a while. It was beautiful. That stretch (Goose Eye Mountain) is somewhere I'd like to go back to. I crossed the ME-NH line and took some pictures and a break. Polechar was there so I got to talk to him for a little while. AT the end of the day Mt. Success was a drag. My right heel was hurting and it was just a long five miles. I made it, and this shelter has an awesome view out the front. It also has 2 levels, another first for the shelters. A deaf couple is here this evening. A NOBO, Manchild, is here, as well as Up, Patches, and Polechar. Tomorrow is an "easy" 11.8 miles to Gorham. I'm ready for a shower and some clean clothes. And lots of real town food. I also need a new book.

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