Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 11, 6-29

@ Shaw's,  0 miles

Took a zero today. I got up around 6:30 after staying in the bunkroom. Luckily there were no snorers. I ordered a 3 at breakfast-- 3 pieces of French toast, 3 scrambled eggs, and home fries. It was big and very tasty. Mostly I've been sitting around today and letting my legs relax. I walked over to the gas station/ convenience store where I got dinner last night to pick up a few things that weren't in my box.

We played a few rounds of Scattergories this afternoon. I'm still feeling full from breakfast, so I don't know what I'll do about dinner. At home I just wouldn't eat it, but the scale here says I lost 5 pounds in the wilderness. Too many more and I'll be thinner than a pancake. Most of the other hikers hit the trail this morning, so its been quiet here.

Apparently the Piscataquis River is running at 1600 cubic feet per second (normally 100), and is 3 feet higher than normal. One of the owners told us about a roadwalk to avoid fording it. With all of the rain we've gotten today, I think I'll have to take it for safety. Someone said that this has been one of the rainiest Junes on record in Maine. It has certainly felt like that out on the trail.

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