Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 16, 7-4

--> ME 27 (Stratton), 10.4 miles

I woke up very early, as it was just getting light. I went to pee and crawled back in my bag. After a while I decided to get up and get going. My shadow was very long as I climbed up Avery Peak. I didn't realize it was named after Myron Avery who was one of the driving forces behind the trail. When I got to the top the sun was trying to peek through, but there were too many clouds. I climbed down to the col, then back up to West Peak. Still no view. It was quite windy at the summit- not enough to blow me over but close.

This was followed by a nice ridgewalk, in the trees, to the Horn. Still no view, but there were a bunch of trees so a view was less likely. The descent to Horns Pond was very steep, but the campsite was really nice. I should have stayed there. There was then a long, steep down to the road.

I walked about a half mile down the road and started to try to hitch. A car from Maryland went by, then a minute later I saw it going the other way. It turned around and a lady offered me a ride. She said she stopped because she had run over some animal earlier, and felt bad. It turns out she was on her way to Now Brunswick and Quebec to visit family. She let me off at the gas station and I walked  over to the Stratton Motel. I have a bunk, and did a resupply across the street. I'm thinking I'll get a pizza and some beer for dinner. I also still need to take a shower. It's five bucks to do laundry, so I'll pass on that. Once the owner goes home I can use the computer to update the blog. I don't want people to think I'm dead.

For lunch I downed a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I've never eaten so much ice cream so fast. It took me about 15 minutes to finish it, and now 2 hours later I'm getting hungry again. Hiker Hunger is here in full force. I think I'm going to start eating 2 sandwiches during the day, and try to have a bigger breakfast. Maybe I should bring and drink more alcohol. The TV/VCR is broken, and despite my EE degree I couldn't fix it. Not that I really wanted to watch any movies.

There are a lot of people here today who are all planning to get back on the trail tomorrow morning. I'll have to wake up early or hike fast if I want a spot at the shelter. Last night the 5 people didn't show up to the campsite. My guess is they got sidetracked swimming in "The Tubs" at Little Bigelow Shelter. Now I'm probably a full day ahead of them.

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