Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 23, 7-11

--> Speck Pond Shelter, 10.4 miles

It rained pretty hard last night, but it stopped by the time I woke up. I packed up, and got pretty wet brushing against everything on the way up Baldplate. There was a view from the top, which was exciting. Everyone who went up yesterday said it was miserable. As I was leaving it started to cloud over. It was very slippery on the way down. I fell, and it took a moment to find somewhere with enough friction to stand up again. After the slippery section it was quick down to Grafton Notch.The climb up Old Speck was long but not hard. I took the side trail .3 to the summit, but there was no view from the tower. From there to the shelter was a long mile down more slippery rocks.

Speck Pond is really nice. The shelter isn't that great. The caretaker Cam is pretty cool. Apparently he usually works at Liberty Springs, but is covering for a friend. That means I'll probably get to see him again. He says that the caretakers have stolen the canoe from Lonesome Lake, but wouldn't tell me where it was. Maybe when I pass by Liberty Spring. It seems like a nice group at the shelter this evening.

Tomorrow morning is Mahoosuc Notch. I'm hoping for good weather, or at least not rain. If I'm feeling good afterwards I'll do 15 miles tomorrow, which will put me 12 miles from Gorham. The sun is going down and its getting cold, so I'm going to crawl into my bag for some sleep.

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