Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 31, 7-19

--> Greenleaf Hut, 13.4 miles

I woke up at 5:15 and packed up. Then I waited. They woke the guests up at 6:30, and by 8 we thru hikers finally got breakfast. The spinach from last night was in the quiche this morning. It was good. After breakfast I ran over to Galehead hut. It took me 3.25 hours to go the seven miles. Probably the fastest I'll ever do it. There were some leftovers there that the croo let me eat. Much better than my sandwich.

The next 6.4 miles were a slog. It was very steep uf Garfield, and the trail up was a stream. The view from the top, hdowever, was incredible. After a steep descent, there was a long climb up Lafayette. It was 3:30 when I got to the summit, so I headed down to try to get my WFS. I got the fourth one, which was lucky. I scraped the ice out of their fridge. Dinner here wasn't as good as at Zealand. There was less food, and it wasn't as tasty. If some late people don't show up then they'll give us more leftovers.

Tomorrow I plan to go to Lonesome Lake, and try for one last WFS. I hear the weather won't be very good. Maybe the cold front will hold off until I've gotten off the ridge.

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