Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22, 7-10

--> Frye Notch Leanto, 10.5 miles

Lang Gone and NBC got up early, and when they started moving around it woke me up. I was on the trail around 6 this morning. It was an easy descent to the pond, then to the road where Mapless and Woody were waiting for the shuttle into Andover. When they got picked up I headed back into the woods for the remaining 4.5 miles to the shelter. Dr. Scholls and Chaco were there and I finally got to meet them. Up showed up shortly after they pushed on, along with Polechar. This shelter is in a neat location, sort of a bowl. There is a river running in front, just out of sight. No one else is here right now. I'm guessing that a few NOBOs will spend the night here. I think I am a full day ahead of that SOBO bubble I was with over Saddleback, so they'll probably catch up while I'm zeroing in Gorham. All of the NOBOs recommended staying at the White Mountains Lodge, so I'll probably stay there. I'm looking forward to entering my second state. It feels like I am no longer a newbie hiker, I am truly a thru hiker. It's also hard to believe I've walke 260 miles in just 22 days. If my math is correct that is 11.8 miles a day.

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