Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 12, 6-30

--> Moxie Bald Mountain Lean-to, 17.9 trail miles

I woke up and took a shower before breakfast. Today they served blueberry pancakes, and I got another three. I paid, and then got a ride back to the trailhead on ME 15. The walk to the east branch of the Piscataquis River was nice. However, the river was still very high so I had to do the road walk around. This added about three miles to my day, so today was 21 miles total. That is a lot of miles and my feet hurt. The roadwalk was long and boring, though one guy did tell me when I was close to the trail. He offered to let me ride on his tailgate, but I guess I am enough of a purist to walk. A white van with a trailer passed me twice. The second time they asked me if I had seen a bunch of French-Canadian guys. I told them I hadn't, and they kept driving. About a mile down the road I ran into said group, and told them their van was going the other way looking for them. They weren't too happy to hear that. The trail was still a river, and there was one stream that was high with a rather strong current, but I made it across safely. Here at the shelter there is a female section hiker who started at Pinkham Notch, and another guy doing Caratunk to Katahdin. He put his radio on briefly, but thankfully reception was bad and he turned it off. It's amazing how quickly I've come to appreciate the quiet out here. I still like seeing people, but they should be quiet people while on the trail.

Last night at Shaw's I played a game of Euchre with Forever Sunshine, Heather, and Conner. Forever Sunshine and I won. Andrew and Christine, you guys taught me well. The shelter here is kind of buggy, but a few sprays of DEET seem to be keeping the bugs away. Hopefully it will be clear tomorrow so there will be a view from Moxie Bald Mountain. I'm tired of summiting and only seeing clouds.

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