Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 33, 7-21

-->  Jeffers Brook Shelter, 20 miles

What a great day. I woke up early and got up to the summit of North Kinsman pretty early. The sun was still rising. I went over to South Kinsman and the view was even better. I stayed for a few minutes then started down. It was a slog to Kinsman Notch. There was an OK view from Mt. Wolf, I could see the south end of Franconia Ridge. Close to the road a NOBO told me there was trail magic at the read. I picked up the pace and got the the road and found the food. There was coke and lots of cookies. I had a bunch, then used the privy at the parking lot. As I was about to leave another woman came with a cooler with beer and oreos. I had a beer and some more oreos, then had to sit for a while to let everything digest.

I left the lot at 1, and got to the Beaver Brook shelter at 2. Everyone coming down said there were great views from the top, so I ditched my plans and headed up. One of the great parts of traveling solo. It was a quick 40 minutes to the top. Overall it took me 2 hours to go from parking lot to summit.

The top was incredible. It was clear, not hazy at all, and there was a nice breeze. All of the peakes were out. It was one of those once in a lifetime type days. I spent an hour at the top soaking in the view. On the way down I ran into the trail maintainer who was building scree walls. We talked for a few minutes, then I went on. I took the side trail to the South Peak, and the view was also good. The descent was not bad.

There are a lot of NOBOs here. It looks like it will be a real party tonight. They seem nice, and are fun to talk to.

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