Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25, 7-13

--> Route 2, Gorham,  11.8 miles

It's a nice day to be sitting around Gorham. The trail in was not hard, the ascents weren't too long, and the downs weren't too steep. There were clouds in the valleys, but the mountains were clear and there were great views along the way. I stepped at the summit of Mt. Hayes for a stack. There were a bunch of Blueberries, but they weren't ripe yet. Too bad, they would have been really good. On the way dow I passed a lot of NOBOs and day hikers. This means I'll enter the Whites on Monday, so there'll be fewer people which will be nice.

Moldy Bear is here and about to head out. Another SOBO. Up and Polechar and Patches are here and staying the night. I wonder if the group I left at Rangeley will catch up tomorrow. I'm going into town later to get some pizza and beer, then a shuttle to WalMart to resupply.

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