Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 2, 6-20

Katahdin Stream Falls Campground --> Hurd Brook Lean-to, 13.4 miles

Had pancakes again since Mom forgot the eggs for breakfast burritos. Packed up and went to ranger station. The ranger said I was SOBO (southbounder) number ~230 this year. We'll see what number I am when I reach Harper's Ferry, WV. First ten miles to Abol Bridge were relatively easy. I saw Big and Little Niagara Falls, and a bunch of rafters in the river. There were a few very swampy areas which required wading. Hopefully there won't be many more of those. Took a break at Abol Bridge and met Richard and Jeremy (Giardia). Richard is at the shelter tonight, but Giardia pushed on. I'm sitting here waiting for dinner time. The weather for the next few days looks good, so I'm happy.

After cooking dinner two guys showed up. After deciding that this was the place to stay, one proceded to roll a joint and climb ~60 feet up a tree to smoke it. It turns out that they tried to climb Katahdin but the magic mushrooms they ate beforehand were too strong. It will be interesting if the hike at the same speed as me. I'm predicting they won't finish- too many drugs. It's dark, so I might reat a while then go to bed.

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  1. I laughed so hard...I was waiting for the pothead to fall out of the tree! LOL! Glad your weather is looking up :) Stay safe!!