Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 15, 7-3

--> Safford Notch Campsite,  12.6 miles

I woke up, and not surprisingly, was the first one out this morning. I think I need to do something better for breakfast, because a bagel or a package of poptarts does not keep me full for long.

The first 5 miles where pretty easy, just a few small bumps. After a very short roadwalk, I started climbing in the Bigelows. It was steeper, but not too bad to Little Bigelow Leanto. I stopped there to refill my water and have a stack. Thus fueled I basically ran up to the summit of Little Bigelow, passing a few people on the way. I mis-remembered the guide, and thought I had to go to the end of the ridge to get to the summit, but it was actually half way across. So I missed the summit of Little Bigelow. I did, however, stay for quite a while at the viewpoint where I thought the summit was. There was an awesome view of what I get to climb tomorrow. It was a quick descent to this notch where I am set up for the night. I'm expecting Richard, Bartender, Goatman, Jubilee, and Phoenix to get here eventually. They all were at the shelter last night, but arrived after I had finished writing- the problem with doing this in the middle of the day. It was fun to finally meet some new SOBOs. Bartender had a ukulele and was showing me how to play it. I think I should get a guitar and learn to play it when I get off the trail. It seems like it would be a good skill to have, though I don't know where I would ever need to use it.

The sun can't decide if it wants to stay out. I hope it does so my socks will dry. All of my toes suddenly became hot spots today while I was on the side trail to the campsite here. I washed my feet in the stream. (It was a little overdue)

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