Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 6, 6-24

--> Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to,  7.9 miles

I woke up to a red sky, and knew it was going to rain. I thought about getting up then, but decided it wouldn't start until later. I was wrong. I packed up and sat under my tarp to see if it would pass. After a while I decided to just pack up and head for the next shelter. It rained the first four miles to Jo-Mary Road, then the trees dripped on me for the next four miles. The rain was nice- it kept away the mosquitoes and got me and my clothes a much needed shower. Here at the shelter I hung everything up to dry and washed out my socks. It is amazing how much mud a pair of socks can hold.

Today was a short day, but it sets me up to go over the higher peaks over the next few days. I'm looking forward to more views and fewer mosquitoes.

I may be in luck. A couple of NOBOs stopped by for lunch and said that the next shelter is virtually bug free. This is probably the best news I have received in a while. It means that next time I hike in the rain I won't get a DEET-sunscreen-sweat mixture dripping in my eyes (it stings) or on my lips (numb) or in my mouth (tastes terrible).

PS: Next time you see me, ask me about Rope and his wife.

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