Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 29, 7-17

--> Nauman Tentsite, 14.9 miles

The climb up Madison was not as steep as I thought it would be. It took me two hours to get to the summit. On my way down I passed a lot of people going up, so I knew breakfast was done at the hut. I went in to try and get some leftovers, but the crew said there weren't any. I guess all the oatmeal I saw on the counter was for the compost. Thus refueled, I ran to Edmands Col. The Gulfside Trail is very well graded and I made great time to the summit of Mt. Washington. I got a picture then went inside to have some lunch. I really wanted to get a burger but the cantina on top didn't sell them. I settled for my own peanut butter and honey.

When I got to Lakes of the Clouds Hut it was sunny again. Since it was only 12:30 I chose to push on to Mizpah. I walked too fast and got there at 3:00. I asked for a WFS, but the croo member said it was too early. Thus I am here at the tentsite. Tomorrow I'll probably try again at Galehead. But this time I'll hang out on top of South Twin until 4 or 4:30, so it will be too late to push on anywhere else.

I tried calling Nicole to wish her a happy birthday from the top of Washington, but there wasn't enough signal. From the side of Eisenhower, however, the call went through but she didn't pick up. I wonder why the service was better farther away from the towers. There's no service here either. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.

The caretaker came around, and I managed to get a WFS after all. I picked up all of the little bits of trash from around the tent platforms. It's surprising how dirty some were and how clean others. In the end this WFS was probably easier than washing all the dishes at Mizpah.

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