Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 34, 7-22

--> Hexacuba Shelter, 15.7 miles

There was quite a party last night. A few people walked in a cooler with beer and vodka. I went to bed way past hiker midnight, probably not until 10. Sadly I still woke up early. It was an easy mile to the post office and I got my package. I then went across the street to the hostel where I took a shower and did laundry. Thus cleaned, I lounged around all morning. I had some frozen pizzas and an ice cream bar for lunch, then headed out at noon to do the remaining 14.8 miles. The first ten were easy. It is amazing how few rocks there are on the treadway. The climb up Mt. Cube was tough because there were so many false summits. The clouds were fairly low so there was no view.

This shelter is neat- it is hexagonal. The front two walls are missing so you can get in and out. The water is .3 downhill on the AT, but there was a sign so I got some before heading up. My Aquamira drops are nearly empty, I really hope the last to Hanover. Only two others here tonight so I sholud be able to go to bed early and catch up on some sleep. I'm doing a 12 mile day tomorrow, and the NOBOs say there is a guy who gives out ice cream. I'm excited. Still a day behind the SOBO group, I'll catch them sooner or later. 

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