Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 5, 6-23

Nahmakanta Lake --> Antlers Campground, 10.7 miles

This is a really nice campground. No one else is here right now and I wouldn't complain if it stayed that way. It's amazing how quickly one's mood can change. Between the previous shelter (~3 miles back) and here I was mercilessly attacked by mosquitos. Amazing how much some DEET and a headnet will do.

I woke up this morning when it was light out, and after I couldn't hold in the pee anymore I got up. I was the first one up and was just about packed up by the time the others got up. It was an easy, mostly flat number of miles to the shelter (Podywadjo Spring) [I think thats the right spelling]. I got there very quickly. I passed the group with the dog, who caught up as I was leavning the shelter. The poor dog was limping on three paws, so I wonder how far they'll go today. It was the first shelter with a log with all of its pages present and intact, so it was neat to see who is in front of me. I wonder if I'll catch any of them. I haven't met any SOBOs who started after me. There was an old outdoors book in the shelter, but someone had torn out the pages on how to forcast the weather. The sky is very gray now, and I can't tell if it's going to rain or if it's getting better.

I constantly have blood on my hands from crushing mosquitoes. So far, only one blister on my left heel, and some sore spots where the hip belt goes. My left ankle/heel started to bother me today. I think I'll do a short day tomorrow to let it heal some.

A bunch of people have now arrived. Skunky built a fire which really helped keep the bugs away. Also, I have never seen so much marijuana in my life. Cheech and Chong and the three from Va. were smoking all evening, and comparing notes on Jamaica. After I went to bet I could still hear them talking.

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  1. I didn't actually start to think about it until I read this entry...this hiking thing is probably HUGELY attractive to pot heads...wait, is that politically incorrect? What would be a better name? The lovers of the MaryJane :)