Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 13, 7-1

--> Pleasant Pond Lean-to, 13.1 miles

It rained pretty hard last night, so the lady in the tent got a little wet. She came over to the leanto to pack up her stuff, and said she was going to Monson to dry out. I left around 6 and made it to the top of Moxie Bald in about an hour. It was sunny and there was a view. My left heel then started to hurt which made the next 11 miles very painful. I hope that whatever is wrong fixes itself quickly, or I will be slowed down or in pain a lot for the next 2000 miles. The ford today was only waist deep. I had an audience while crossing- someone wanted to see what they were in for. I made it across without falling or making a fool of myself.

The climb up Pleasant Pond Mountain wasn't bad, but there were a few false summits before I got to the real one. I had very good reception on top, so I called home. They're leaving for Spain tomorrow, so I'm glad I got a chance to say hi. There was a steep but not too long descent down to the shelter.

Its kind of trashy here, but the mosquitos are easier than normal to kill. There's a NOBO staying here who is terrified of bugs. He said that rather than opening his tent while there were mosquitos around, he turned one of his bottles into a pee bottle. A bee flew near him and he freaked out like an elementary schooler. But he shared some candy with me so its all good. If nobody else shows up I'll get the shelter to mylesf tonight, which would be nice. Tomorrow morning I have six downhill miles to the ferry, which I have to get to by 11 am. If I don't sleep in it won't be a problem.

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