Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 14, 7-2

--> West Carry Pond Lean-to,  19.7 miles

I woke up early and it was raining. It continued raining while I packed up and hit the trail. It rained the six miles downhill to Caratunk and the ferry across the Kennebec River. I woke up too early, because I had to wait for the ferryman to arrive. He showed up about 45 minutes later, at 9, and after signing a release form I was quickly across. There is a very strong current across the river, and the canoe was pointed upstream most of the time. On the other side was a NOBO who videoed the landing. It was a quick four miles to the next leanto where I stopped for a snack and to refill my water. I was feeling good so I decided to push to here, 10 miles further. It was pretty flat most of the may, with no steep ups or downs. If this is what the trail is like down south, I will be flying when I get there.

So far today I've seen three people- 2 NOBOs and the ferryman. It looks like I'm going to have the shelter to myself again. This is a big, nice, shelter, so I'm not complaining. Today was a big mile day. My legs feel pretty good, but my feet hurt. They should toughen up, or this will be a long trip to Georgia. I keep hearing clunks that sound like heavy footsteps, but there is no one else here. If I was superstitious I might think this place is haunted. My dinner is just about ready, so I'm going to go eat it while it's warm.

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