Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 28, 7-16

--> Osgood Tentsite, 10.9 miles

I got up at 6:30, the normal hut wakeup time. I packed up, had a bagel, and was on my way as the crew was picking up the oatmeal bowls. The climb up Wildcat was steep and short. I stopped at the view point to eat an apple. My pack felt sooo much lighter after that. The tower on D peak was really nice- it was being rebuilt last time I was there. I stopped for a while and enjoyed great views of the northern Presidentials. I thought about going people watching at the gondola, but there were no people to watch. On the way down I passed the talkative Lady from the hostel. She had sent her pack up the gondola and was just walking up.

There were a lot of camp group down in the notch. The leader of one group I passed was explaining how the trail they were on was part of the AT, and that some people hike it all in one season. One kid in the group just didn't believe him, and I laughed after I went by. The hiker room at the visitors center was nice and coll. I ate lunch and sat around for a while in there. I then had to go back out into the humidity and do the last five miles to the site here. It seems pretty nice, and I managed to get my tarp up on a platform using a combination of stakes, rocks, a tree, and an eye hook I found and screwed into the platform.

The weather report in Pinkham Notch said that it will be windy on the summits tomorrow. Hopefully it will also be clear. My goal is a WFS at Lakes. I didn't see many NOBOs today so I think the bubble is still south of the Whites.

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