Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 32, 7-20

--> Kinsman Pond Shelter, 11.2 miles

I woke up at the usual thru-hiker time of 5:15 and lay there for a while. When the three NOBOs began to pack up I did too. The wait for breakfast wasn't as bad as yesterday. There were blueberry pancakes. The climb up Lafayette was pretty quick and I beat most of the paying guests, who had a 30-45 minute head start, to the top. There were some dramatic views with storm clouds rolling in form the west. I took my time up on the ridge, but kept moving because rain was threatening the whole time. In the end it was only a few sprinkles. I said hi to Cam at Liberty Springs on the way down.

I thought about going to the Flume visitor center to get some lunch, but I didn't want to walk the extra mile there and back. I took my time up the Cascade Brook Trail. There were lots of signs warning of a washed out bridge, but the ford was easier than some in Maine. I got the Lonesome Lake at 4, right as it started to downpour. It was too early for a WFS, but I got a conciliatory piece of bread. Mark was there and I said bye, since it is unlikely we'll run into each other again. It was a quick (50 min) 1.9 mile hike up the Fishin' Jimmy Trail to the shelter here.

The shelter is quite new, and dark inside. They should have added some skylights. The weather report is calling for severe thunderstorms this evening/tonight, so I'm glad I'm inside. It will also make tomorrow and easier day. 

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