Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 7, 6-25

--> Logan Brook Lean-to, 11.7 miles

Woke up very early walked three miles by 7:15. Cheech and Chong and the Va. group were camping there by the lake. I said hi and kept going. At the road crossing I caught up with Sam and Lee and Jarred. Sam is a trail maintainer down in Georgia, the Hawk Mountain shelter area. He had some interesting stories about taking care of that area. The climb up Little Broadman Mountain wasn't hard, which is good because there's no view. It was downhill to the Pleasant River Lean-to where I had lunch. Just before the leanto is a ford of the river. I almost made it across, but my foot slipped and my bottom half got wet. From the leanto it was flat for 1.5 miles, then up two to the shelter. This was the first real climb since Katahdin. Being up will make the rest of the climb easier tomorrow, over Whitecap Mountain and the others.

I passed the half way point of the 100-mile wilderness today. I'm now six miles closer to Monson than Abol Bridge. Cheech and Chong and the Va. group showed up. There's a full house at the shelter tonight. The sky is getting darker, I think it is going to rain. I think I've covered everything for today, goodbye until tomorrow. :)

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  1. Jeff- The weather in Hollis is wet and cloudy. Hope you are liking the altitude in ME.