Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 19, 7-7

--> Piazza Rock Lean-to,  8.9 miles

I was the first one out of the shelter this morning. The climb up Saddleback Jr. was less bad than I thought it would be. I stopped for a minute, then cruised up the Horn. I was going to stop an the top, but it was too windy to stay long. In the shelter of some trees I had a granola bar. I then powered up Saddleback. The summit was really nice, but very windy. I stayed up there for about an hour and ate most of my M&Ms. When I got cold I went down to the shelter. Blue Sky is here, and 2 NOBO section hikers. The others will probably get here eventually.

The other SOBOs showed up, and 3 NOBOs. The NOBOs are entertaining to listen to. I wonder if I'll sound like them when I get down south. Tomorrow I'm heading into Rangeley to get some more food and some lunch, then back to the trail for a few more miles. Maybe even to the shelter. Hopefully it won't rain too much, hitching is nicer when its not raining.

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